Posted by: katlea611 | May 14, 2009

Bahay Kubo Vegetables

Today Nikki studied the vegetables from the Bahay Kubo song.  Ever since I bought that VCD for him he would always ask what some of the Tagalog words meant in English.

Well today, we took the song apart and checked out all the vegetables.  I must admit I also don’t know all of them in English so we did it together.  We made 2 columns on a sheet of paper and wrote down all the vegetables in Tagalog.  In the next column, we wrote their English names. It was quite fun.  We wished there were more vegetables in the song!  Haha! 😀  Anyway, if you’re curious to know, here are the vegetables:

1. singkamas – turnip

2. talong – eggplant

3. sigarilyas – winged beans

4. mani – peanuts

5. sitaw – string beans

6. bataw – Hyacinth beans

7. patani – Lima beans

8. kundol – Winter melon

9. patola – Chinese okra

10. upo – white pumpkin

11. kalabasa – squash

12. labanos – radish

13. mustasa – mustard or mustard green

14. sibuyas – onion

15. kamatis – tomato

16. bawang – garlic

17. luya – ginger

18. linga – sesame

Tomorrow we’ll try to research more vegetables but for now, these will have to do.  At least Nikki was the one who initiated this “lesson”!  😀

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