Posted by: katlea611 | May 11, 2009

At Museo Pambata

Last Saturday was another fun day for the boys.  Since it was mom’s last day in Manila, we thought of having another family outing.  We originally thought of Laguna, but my brother was feeling under the weather and he was the only one who could drive us soIMG_0515edit that was out of the question. Then, we thought of La Mesa EcoPark since it’s only in Quezon City and we haven’t been there.  We checked the website and it looked like a nice place for a stroll but the weather was unpredictable so we decided to simply go to Museo Pambata and be a kid once more.

The night before, I showed Nikki the website and he was excited.  The next day, when we got there, storytime already started.  We quickly joined in but since it was in Tagalog, Nikki couldn’t understand most of it.  So we just waited for storytime to be over then we took pictures around the room.  After that, we headed to the second floor where the Science Through Discovery, Career Options, MarketplacIMG_0393edite, and Bodyworks exhibits were.  Nikki’s favorite was the Science center.  He tried everything on display there.  Ethan found the place to be too new.  He had a bit of tantrum but after ignoring him for 10 minutes, he quieted on his own and then we proceeded with the tour without any more drama.  It didn’t take long for us to see everything because some of the exhibits were closed (Craft Room, Environment).  At the Gift Shop, I got Ethan a huge Rubik’s cube (which he refused to let go of) and a slingshot and apron for Nikki.  Then we proceeded to the playground area where a helicopter was part of the facilities.  Ethan was awed of course.  He loves vehicles.

IMG_0554editThe museum was pretty neat.  I mean, it’s a far cry from the museums we’ve been to in Japan (like the Minato Mirai Mitsubishi Industrial Museum at Sakuragicho) but I suppose for Manila, it’ll have to do.  At least the boys had a fun time and of course, learned at the same time.  🙂  Sc


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