Posted by: katlea611 | May 7, 2009

A Day at Zoobic

So many activities, so little time. After our Tagaytay trip last Saturday, Sunday we were in Subic.  It was just my mom, dad, sis, bro and the boys this time.  Subic is around 2 hours’ north of Manila.  We decided to try and visit Zoobic.  We hoped that there wouldn’t be a lot of people and there wasn’t but we didn’t expect the heat.  Anyway, we all had the tour and the boys had a lot of fun at the petting area.  It was really fun and educational at the same time.  Nikki was not at all scared of the animals that followed us around.  He was able to pet a reindeer, a goat and he fed all sorts of tame animals.  It was nice to see him enjoy himself.

We also got to watch an animal show although I was a bit bothered about those animals being bossed around to do tricks.  The dogs were okay because they are trained to learn tricks but the monkey, pot-bellied pig and the weasel was another matter.  It just didn’t sit well with me.  Especially when the trainor would tug at the leash of the animals to do the trick commanded.  I really pitied those poor animals…

Anyway, after the animal show, we checked out the Serpentarium (which showcased just a few snakes), the Savannah (which was a bit dull), Animal MuZOOeum (which was a bit small), Aeta’s trail (which was pretty interesting), the Hip-Hop Bay-a-Walk (which was all right) and the Croco Loco (which houses LOTS of crocs!).  We of course, enjoyed the Tiger Safari Ride where a tiger came up close to our closed jeep and gnawed a piece of chicken from the window.  No one shrieked or panicked.  Even Ethan was fascinated.  The only downside is that it lasted for only several minutes.  So it was not as exhilarating as I expected it to be.

After more than 2 hours of touring Zoobic, we were all ready for lunch (this was already around 2pm) and then after that we headed home.  Although Zoobic is smaller than the zoos we visited in Japan, it’s still a nice place to bring the kids or for family bonding.  My mom and dad had loads of fun, and who wouldn’t?  It was a nice place to be.


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