Posted by: katlea611 | April 30, 2009

Morse Code and Missing Japan

The other day, while using the laptop, Nikki commented on the Google logo. He said it looked different. When I checked it, it was indeed different. It was in Morse code. I told him it was a code and then opened a photo of the complete code – from A to Z.  He was fascinated.  Then he started writing our names in Morse code.  He found it to be so fun and I liked that he was so interested in it.  Of course, I’m not going to force him to memorize all those dots and dashes.  It would be wonderful, of course, if he would know them all, but introducing him to this is already a nice lesson for him.  We will study in more detail the origins of the Morse code when he is bigger but for now, at least he knows what it is, is having fun with it and I am okay with that.


Nikki has been talking about Japan these past few days.  He really misses the place and I must say, I do too.  We learned so much from the culture, from the people and from just living in a new country that we can’t wait to go back there in July.  We’re hoping that everything goes well with our application.  It would be so wonderful to go back and live there once more.


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