Posted by: katlea611 | April 25, 2009

Playing with Magnets


We got a Super Magnet kit the other day at the mall and the boys had fun playing with the different magnets.  Ethan’s favorite was the horseshoe magnet because it was big and he handled it easily.  I had to remind the boys to keep the magnets away from the tv, laptop and their Nintendo DS. The kit only cost P299 and although it may seem a tad expensive for some homeschoolers, the magnets themselves last so the boys could reuse them for other activities.

Nikki had some fun playing with the other magnets and using them in different ways.  He had loads img_0076editof fun “fishing”.  The kit had these small flat plastic fish shapes in which we stuck a paperclip.  So Nikki fished for those and even Ethan joined in and we made it into a game: whoever caught the most fish wins.  They had fun!  Since Nikki was having loads of fun, I added some other metal items for additional points.  If Nikki gets a nail, he would get 3 points, a screw 2 points and other objects 1 point each.  It was fun even if the floor did get a bit damp with all the fishing.

Then we went on to another activity with a magnet wand.  We did a different game for that.  Out of 16 objects, we had to try to pick up the most objects using the wand.  The one who picks up the most img_0082edit1stuff wins.  Nikki picked 11 out of the 16.  Not bad.  🙂

For the final activity, we did a review on magnets (north pole, south pole, attract, repel, uses of magnets, etc.)  We also revisited an experiment we did before on magnet attraction.  We tried using the magnet through paper, plastic, cloth, wood, glass, water and rubber.  We did this experiment before but it was fun doing it again. Which things do you think affected the magnet’s attraction and which didn’t?

You have to do our experiment to find out. 🙂


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