Posted by: katlea611 | April 21, 2009

Hopefully Better

Nikki seems to be a whole lot better these days. Of course, I have to get a current CBC report to know for sure but “no fever” is good in my book. Also, Nikki is eating frequently now and he has started drinking milk again. Yay! I really regret not encouraging him to drink more milk the past months. Believe me, if I could go back in time and give myself a nice bop on the head, I would. Anyway, I’m just glad that Nikki is back to his happy (and sometimes bossy) self again. It’s nice to hear him laugh again and berate his brother and teach Ethan lots of things in his big brother way. I still try to not tire him too much and every once in a while I ask him how he is and how he’s feeling. He says he’s okay so I hope he’ll really be once we get that CBC on Wednesday.


Yesterday, we went to the mall and I got Nikki this supermagnet kit. Today we did a lot of fun activities with it and it was nice to do experiments spontaneously. We did the paperclip fish and made it into a game (whoever gets the most fish wins) using fishing rods with magnets on the ends of the strings. We also did a pick-up game with a different magnet (how many objects can your magnet pick up). Then of course, there’s the experiments: can magnets pass through paper, plastic, wood, cloth, glass, water or rubber. Nikki had a blast with that one. We didn’t get to do all the other games/activities yet, but we’ll get to that some other time for sure. For now, I’m just happy that Nikki is having fun “studying” science.


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