Posted by: katlea611 | April 6, 2009

Monday Musings

Yesterday, the boys and I spent the afternoon at a hotel pool. My HS friends and I decided to meet up and bring our kids along. I thought it was a great idea since 1. it’s been getting so hot these days, the boys would surely love a swim in the pool, 2. it would be good exercise for the boys, and 3. it would be nice for them to meet my friends and their kids. Nikki really enjoyed meeting the kids. Ethan too had fun being on his own in the pool (which is how he wanted it to be). And I had a fun time talking to my friends and taking photos. It was a pleasurable afternoon. Hopefully more fun days for us ahead…


Nikki answered his workbook this afternoon. Nothing big. We did a bit of English and then Math. Then he went to his sciencewithme site and reviewed the animations there. (I think it’s a wonderful site!) He’s learning a lot about earthworms! This morning, the boys went to a fast food resto and played on the slide. That was their physical education for the day. 🙂 Later, we’ll be doing more worksheets and then read some books. It’s a pretty slow day but still very rewarding.


I am currently looking for a homeschool program for Nikki. After a looooong search I have finally come down to 2: Elija Academe and Kids World Integrated School. The final decision will come after I have spoken to the representatives of each school and gathered all the necessary information. Then and only then will I enrol Nikki in their homeschool program. Hopefully I will be able to come up with a decision before the month is over.


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