Posted by: katlea611 | March 26, 2009


Since we are not planning to stay long in Zamboanga (well, not the entire summer) I’m thinking of finally enrolling Nikki in the Bert Lozada Swim School near our place in Manila. I was supposed to enrol him last year but due to budget constraints we had to put that on hold. But now, I think it’s the right time for him to have his lessons. Not only is he physically ready, he’ll be able to understand and trust his instructor and he’s not fearful of the water any longer. So yeah, swim class will be in our schedule this summer (whether we’re ready or not!).


It’s my mom’s birthday this Sunday. For her birthday present, I helped Nikki make a small book for her. I actually think it’s so cute! It’s titled, A Book For Mimi. He calls my mom Mimi, a special name for her (he calls my dad Popsie). Anyway, we just finished making it the other night and since we’ll be leaving for our roadtrip tomorrow, we had to wrap it hurriedly (so she wouldn’t accidentally find it). I forgot to take a photo of it so I’ll probably post the book after she opens it on Sunday. It’s such a great story and Nikki and I had fun making it. 🙂


Health-wise, we are all doing okay. We had a bit of a cold a few days past but we’re all better now. In terms of activities, we’ve been going to a resort for some swim time and the boys love it. We’ve been there twice. And we’ve been to the beach too. Ethan was not too excited about the seaweeds. We’ve also visited relatives and from time to time, we try to do our lessons. Nikki has been practicing his pieces on our piano and he’s getting better with the fingering. He can be impatient at times but frequent reminders calm him down. I always try not to push him when he’s not in the mood because once it’s no longer fun, nobody is happy any more. So, I’m always careful with their moods. The good thing about Nikki though, is that when he’s in the mood, he learns really really fast! It amazes me to no end. Anyway, for now it’s a laidback setting but that’s the good thing about our homeschooling- it’s flexible. 😀

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