Posted by: katlea611 | March 16, 2009

Family Time

Coming to Zamboanga has been great for the boys. I know we haven’t been doing any serious studying but the time they are spending with my parents are priceless. The bond that is forming among them is only growing stronger and I am glad for this opportunity. I know that years from now, my boys will remember their grandparents fondly just as I have wonderful memories of mine. I know that some people would think that we are being lax in our homeschooling but then again, homeschooling is not only academics, but also about family and values and the things that we treasure in life.


The boys have been watching Motorized Madness, a DVD I bought in Manila before we left for Zamboanga and they love it! I actually bought it with Ethan in mind because he loves vehicles and trucks and I was worried that he would not appreciate it but was I wrong! They have been watching it endlessly and Ethan has been learning the major parts of vehicles. Like the propeller and jet engines of airplanes, the rotors of helicopters, the cabs of trucks and all those. It’s been a while since he appreciated an educational DVD and I’m glad this one is so interesting to him. When we get back to Manila I’ll look for more educational DVDs and hopefully, he’ll love them as well.

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