Posted by: katlea611 | February 11, 2009

This and That

We had a pretty okay day today, homeschooling-wise. The day started early.  From the moment Nikki woke up he asked if he could ride his bike. I told him he could and he spent a good hour or so biking outside.  Ethan joined him shortly and they both enjoyed the morning sunshine.  After a while, Nikki pulled me outside for a game of catch.  He’s getting better at it, I might add. After that, we also played a bit of badminton.  Well, we really did not play but Nikki just practiced returning my serves.  He still needs a lot more practice but I know we’ll get there eventually.

After their bath, we studied anatomy.  Nikki and I read about the skeletal system, the circulatory system, the digestive system and nervous system.  It’s not all detailed, mind you, just an introduction.  He seemed to get the basic stuff and I did not press him much about the specifics.  I know that when he’s good and ready we could tackle all those terms.

After that lesson, I pretty much left the boys to do what they pleased while I did my chores and reading.  Earlier tonight, we continued with our lessons and tackled social studies and some math.  I like to keep our lessons flexible because Nikki gets bored easily and he gets fed up if we do one specific lesson continuously.  Of course, I do my best to let him try and understand the concepts/theories as much as he could.  If he can’t quite grasp the lesson, I don’t push him.  I found out that it works better this way for him and me.  Less stress, more interest in learning, more involved in our lessons.

I know I have to plan our lessons more and hopefully I will be able to do that in the coming days.

I’m thinking of doing some Valentine crafts with the boys as well.  I might have to search the internet for some ideas. Am excited to try some really creative ones.  We’ll see how that goes… 🙂

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