Posted by: katlea611 | February 10, 2009


Sorry we’re been gone for so long. I can’t believe I haven’t updated the blog in weeks! This is terrible, really!  So sorry…

Anyway, here’s the instant update:

1. We’re still homeschooling, of course, but it’s been very flexible.  Last December was hectic for us but we tried to fit in lessons into our trips and tours as well as homestay so to be honest, I really don’t know if we accomplished much but still, I’m sure the boys learned something from all our activities.

2. Nikki is now 7 and Ethan is 5.  Just in case anyone forgot. So far Ethan is starting to speak better.  When I say “better” I mean people understand him more.  Before, he would babble in his strange dialect and I would be the only one who understood him.  Now, he’s speaking more, better and clearer.  Hopefully, reading will come next in his “improved skills” list.

3. Last December we went to a ski resort in Niigata, Japan.  It was a wonderful experience because the boys and I got to experience snow for the first time.  So, aside from family bonding, it was a learning experience for them too.  Hopefully we could do tha again this year.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

4. January was also a pretty busy month.  We went to Shinagawa Aquarium and it was like a field trip for the boys.  We got to see a lot of sea creatures and sea life and well, I guess for that day, we got science covered. 🙂  Then, Jan 15, we came home to Manila and Jan 16-17 we were at Hundred Islands with my mom, brother-in-law, and my grandma and cousin who both came from Canada for a vacation.  Another family bonding opportunity and the boys loved the beach.  Jan 23-24 was another beach trip for us.  We went to Batangas (a place south of Manila) and spent the night at a nice resort.  Ruther thought that it would be nice to have another family vacation before he left for Japan.  So while there, we got to investigate the tide pools and the boys got to see jellyfish, a pufferfish (although it was dead already), a starfish, crabs, sea urchins, sea slugs, corals, tiny fish, feather stars and shells.  It was quite a vacation.  We all loved being together and we all loved the get-away.

5. Now that we are back in Manila, we have resumed a more serious study schedule.  We try to do some worksheets in the morning and lately, the boys are enjoying biking.  I also took away their Nintendo DS for the moment and let them play with it during weekends.  During the first day there were requests for the DS but after that, they got used to doing other stuff so they have been watering plants, playing with Playdoh, spending time with their grandparents, playing the piano and all those things.  Hopefully, we will be doing much much more in the homeschool arena.

Well, these are all I remember at the moment. Again, so sorry for the absence. Hopefully next time, we won’t be away for too long…

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