Posted by: katlea611 | November 15, 2008

Nikki and His Loose Tooth

Nikki has a loose tooth! Here’s the story:

November 9, Sunday

Nikki: “Mommy! My tooth is wiggling!”
Mommy: “Really?!! Where?”
Nikki: “Here!” (shows me his lower incisor and wiggles it)
Mommy: “Wow! It really IS wiggly! Take care of your tooth, okay? When it comes off, we’ll put it in a pouch for the tooth fairy and she’ll give you money for your tooth.”
Nikki: “Okay.”

November 11, Tuesday

Nikki: “Mommy! My tooth came off!”
Mommy: “What?!?!
Nikki: “Here it is!” (hands me the tiny tooth)

The end.

It was that fast, really. One day it was wiggling and then in an instant it was off. I suppose I should be thankful that Nikki didn’t swallow the tooth or felt pain or was whiny or have problems related to the wiggly tooth. But I didn’t expect it to come off that fast! There was no drama at all! (Which is how Ruther likes it, I believe.) But I still got to take photos of the tooth and Nikki’s new smile. I made a small tooth pouch for the tooth fairy and he kept his tiny tooth in it. The next morning, he found a 100-yen coin in it! Quite a generous fairy, I must say. If we were back in the Philippines, the Pinoy fairy would be giving him a shiny 10-peso coin. Hahaha!

Anyway, I must say Nikki looks so much cuter with the gap in his smile. The permanent tooth is already peeking through the gum and I figure it will be just a few weeks before the other incisor starts to wiggle and come off as well. Hopefully that one will be another easy pull too.

Can’t believe my little boy is growing so fast! *sob!*

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