Posted by: katlea611 | October 29, 2008

Another Story

More than books and worksheets.

One day we went to the store during regular school hours.  The door greeter was puzzled to see four healthy children come in, two of which school age, asking for stickers.  She smugly asked my oldest, who is eight, why she wasn’t in school.

My daughter’s simple reply was “Mommy homeschools us.

The lady said “Oh!  Is that so?!  Well, do you like it?

My daughter said yes.

She then asked my daughter “What do you want to be when you grow up?

My daughter then looked at me with a look of love and admiration, smiled and looked at the woman and said “I want to be a mommy, just like mine.

The woman looked as if a light came on in her mind, and gave them their stickers.  Since that day that door greeter treats us with greater respect, and I look at homeschooling like I’m training my children not only to be successful in life but to be loving functional parents as well.  God is awesome.

~Kimberly Matheny~

from homeschoolfreestuff 🙂


  1. love this story! thanks for sharing!

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