Posted by: katlea611 | October 27, 2008


Yes, we’re still here and still homeschooling.  😀

I know I haven’t been blogging much but with chores, homeschooling, spending time wih the family, activities and preparation and research for new lessons, I just don’t have enough time to sit down, gather my thoughts and compose something.  I guarantee, laziness is not a part of it.  It’s more of lack of time.

Anyway, we haven been doing good so far.  Still no pressures, still free learning, still having fun.  Nikki has been doing worksheets and he is starting to do them independently.  He used to be so afraid of mistakes and would want me beside him all the time so I could catch him when he accidentally does or writes something wrong and then I could correct him immediately.  But lately, I could mark some pages from his workbook and ask him to do them one at a time while I cook dinner or do the laundry or some other chore.  And he usually finishes them in no time.  He would be so proud to accomplish the worksheets all by himself and of course, I would be too.  However, when I happen to see one or two wrong answers and point them out to him, he would be so hard on himself and I would reassure him that it’s all right because he got most of the answers right. He still gets so affected by mistakes and is such a perfectionist but I hope that with constant reassurance he won’t be too affected when he is older.

A few days ago we studied all about Australia.  We checked out the globe, then the map and he labeled the territories.  We read about some Australian facts and looked at the flag.  Then we read about famous places (Sydney Harbor Bridge, Uluru, etc.) and we checked out some of the famous Australian animals like the emu, wallaby, Tasmanian devil, kookaburra, etc. He had fun and we also learned some (easy) Australian lingo like “mate”, “barbie”, “croc”, etc.  We might study England next and I have yet to print out our lesson sheets.

Both Ethan and Nikki are still going strong with their hiragana.  They are still very much interested in it and could even write it properly, correct strokes and all.  I could not be prouder.  I don’t even know the hiragana but Ethan (who hates formal lessons) knows each one and could write it at random.  That’s unschooling for you! 🙂  Anyway, I hope after this, they could go to katakana next and then maybe later on when they are bigger, they will learn the kanji.

The boys also tried out their skates today.  Ruther got them a pair of in-line skates and I thought that they should get a feel of them here at home first before I take them outside.  Nikki could walk and glide a bit carefully on his own with no help but Ethan wants someone beside him so he could skate away.  Anyway, maybe and hopefully after a few days of practice we could go out to the playground and then they could try it out there.

We’re also taking advantage of the beautiful fall season and making crafts, doing activities and experiencing this wonderful season.  This is only our second time to experience fall so we’re trying to make the most of it.  Leaf rubbings, walking on leaf piles, photographing the colors, jack o’ lanterns, Halloween activities and lessons, etc.  October is not over yet so were still going to do a lot more fall activities and lessons until Halloween comes.

We still take it a day at a time.  I still wonder sometimes if I should up the ante and give Nikki more lessons.  I know we’re “taking it easy” but I do check Nikki’s progress in the different subjects.  So far he’s still doing good but I think we need to tackle Filipino a little bit more.  But then again, I’m not worried.  I’m sure given time, he’ll learn it the way I did.

Anyway, more news next time!  Ta-ta! 🙂

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