Posted by: katlea611 | October 22, 2008

French Fries

Yesterday, Nikki made his own french fries.  I only wanted it to be an introduction to peeling and slicing vegetables but he really enjoyed the activity.  Of course I was apprehensive because he was actually using a kitchen knife.  I was reminding him like every 5 minutes to be careful and to watch his fingers.  I taught him how to peel away from him instead of towards him and he had a bit of difficulty but he managed.  Then I taught him how to remove the “eyes”.  He loved that!  I sliced the potatoes and he julienned them.  Of course, I had to fry them because I didn’t want him to be traumatized by the hot oil.  He enjoyed his french fries a lot and wanted to make more today.  But surprisingly, Ethan wanted to make HIS own french fries.  I was going to make dinner and he grabbed a potato and asked for french fries.  He got the potato peeler and with my help he peeled away like a hurricane.  He didn’t have the patience to remove the “eyes” so I did that for him.  Like Nikki, I sliced the potatoes initially and let him slice them julienne-style.  His fries were a little fatter than Nikki’s but he did have a lot of fun making them.  He didn’t want to share the fries with Nikki though which was a problem but I managed to convince him and he gave his Kuya a bit.

Now that I’ve seen how interested they are with slicing vegetables, I’m thinking of other food-related activities for them.  Hopefully, the interest stays until they learn how to actually cook a delicious meal by themselves. 🙂


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