Posted by: katlea611 | October 8, 2008

Barbeque with Friends

Last Sunday we went to Nojimakoen after church and had a barbeque luncheon with some of Ruther’s officemates and friends. It was pre-planned so we know about this days before.  The place was a huge park but the barbeque-ing area was in an area where a small fishing pond was located.  The boys had fun playing with the frisbee and bubbles we brought with us. There were other kids there too but it took a while for them to play together because Nikki and Ethan didn’t speak Nihongo and the kids didn’t speak English.  But kids will be kids and eventually they played together and chased each other and played ball.  We also had fun sitting by the pond and looking at the crawling hermit crabs, the tiny fry and the sleek silver fish that jumped out of the water to get away from fishermen’s hooks.  The boys had their nap (which surprised some of our Japanese friends and we explained siesta to them) while the other kids kept on playing.  It was fun seeing the people Ruther worked with and it was nice seeing their families. I hope that there will be more days like last Sunday.


Ethan seems to be in a nose-picking phase right now. And it’s really making me cringe. Nikki would not put his finger in his nose even if his life depended on it but Ethan would pick away any place, any time. And really, (there’s no subtle way of saying it) it’s just so embarassing. I try not to fuss over him because he’s the type of child who does it even more when you try to dissuade him from doing something. But still, I can’t help but shriek “Ethan! Stop it!” or “Nooooooo!” when I see his finger wiggling away in a nostril. Argh!

Yesterday my heart nearly stopped when he came to me complaining about his nose. I didn’t understand at first but when I took a peek I saw a small silver ball inside his right nostril. Oh my goodness! I thought that only happened in the movies but apparently, my son loves to discover new things and is creative in his own cute way. It was a good thing the ball was not small enough to fall into the nose and not big enough to be stuck inside the nostril. I got it out in a few seconds but I kept the toy (where you use that small silver ball) and now I’m hoping he’ll no longer put things inside his nose. (This was actually the first time.)

Hopefully, there will no longer be any scary accidents in the next few days.

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