Posted by: katlea611 | September 24, 2008

Mild Wednesday

We’re kind of taking it easy today.  By “easy” I mean no worksheets and formal lessons.  The boys are free to play with their toys and use the computer.  Earlier today Nikki was checking some games on NickJr.  I’m not worried about that because the site is educational and Nikki and Ethan know most of the NickJr. characters and shows.  So that was fine.  Later, before the boys nap, we’ll probably read some books and then take a trip to the playground for some physical activity.  It’s a nice sunny day and I think it will be great for them to have some exercise for a change.


It’s a bit difficult looking for English books for the boys here.  They are quite expensive in the bookstores (I go to Yurindo) and almost non-existent in secondhand shops.  We did check out some books in and they were all right but we don’t want to have to order all the time and not all of the books there are on sale.  So I’m gonna try to ask my sister to send us some books through mail.  It won’t be as expensive as I originally though it was (going to be) so I’m not worried about the expense.  I hope she gets some really nice books for the boys.  They are starting to get fed up of their current books.  I do print some (free) books for them from the internet and I put the printed sheets in a clear book.  So far, Nikki reads them as well so I suppose I’ll keep on doing this just to keep our reading materials interesting.


Right in front of our apartment building and across the road, there’s a hilly vacant lot and for the past weeks, there was a sort-of construction going on.  According to Ruther, they might make the vacant lot into a park.  Now that’s a really cool idea because not only will it look fantastic (imagine opening your windows to tall grass and weeds; in other words NO view) but the boys will have another place to play and frolic and it’s just right across the street.  How neat is that?  According to a sign (that Ruther read of course), the park’s completion date will be in December.  Now, if that happens, it will be so wonderful to just spend a nice cool wintry day there.  I can already imagine sipping hot chocolate on a bench with Ruther while the boys run around with frozen breaths.  Isn’t that a pretty picture?  🙂


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