Posted by: katlea611 | September 18, 2008

Autumn is Just Around the Corner

I’m starting to panic again.  I usually have these “attacks” whenever I feel like we’ve been a bit too lax with or homeschooling.  Although I agree with some moms and experts out there that homeschooling is not “school at home”, I still feel comfortable when we’re doing some activities and lessons a little bit everyday.

Yesterday Nikki did some Math worksheets (which I printed from some sites in the internet) and we also did a craft activity.  I found this wind chime kit at the ¥100 store and it seemed simple enough for Nikki.  He enjoyed the activity although he was a bit concerned about the mess.  Whenever his finger/s would have a bit of paint he would go to the bathroom and wash.  He’s really concerned about things like that.  Hopefully, he will be less obsessive-compulsive as he grows.  I also got a globe for the boys.  They already have one back in Manila but I thought it would be nice to review the lessons we learned before: continents, countries, oceans, rotation of the Earth, the equator, etc.  Ethan just loves to hold the globe but I’m sure later on he’ll be interested to learn all those things as well.  We did some science experiements too.  Nikki had to answer questions about his physical features: color of his hair, color of his eyes, etc. and we also did a footprint experiment where he had to measure his left and right feet.  He loved that.

Today, I put out the Legos and let the boys explore their creativity.  They both started building and I just left them alone so as not to stifle their imagination.  I know I have a certain way of building things and they have their own way as well so it would be best to let them build freely.  I also turned on a Filipino video for Nikki.  It’s parts of the body, family and community helpers.  This would be great for him to learn more Tagalog words.  Nikki is, admittedly, a bit behind with the Filipino lessons but he’s learning a little bit every week and I’m happy with that.  Learning without pressure. I know I have to focus on that and just relax with our lessons.

We are still very informal with Ethan’s lessons.  Ruther is a bit worried about his being “delayed” but I told him that when he’s good and ready, he’ll learn in no time.  We just have to respect his learning style and just guide him and encourage him with learning tools and materials.

Autumn is almost here.  I’m sure the boys will have a fun time with autumn activities and I am already doing research for some fun activities and crafts for them to do.  Hopefully we will be able to accomplish much in the next few months.


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