Posted by: katlea611 | August 25, 2008


Since we came to Japan 2 months ago I’ve been worried that Nikki would forget all the piano pieces he learned back home.  So far, he already knows several: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Yankee Doodle, Happy Birthday To You, London Bridge, Rock-A-Bye Baby, Hey Diddle Diddle, etc.   Since I didn’t want him to forget the songs he learned, I asked Ruther if we could get Nikki a portable piano.  I saw one back home in Manila that had a flexible rubber keyboard.  I thought that it would be convenient to have one here for easy storage but at the same time, Nikki would still be able to practice his songs anytime.  Ruther told me to check amazon japan and we were fortunate to find one perfect for him.  It was the one I wanted for Nikki but the best part was that it was only ¥3000+.  And the original price was ¥13000!  What a great bargain.  Ruther got it and now, Nikki practices almost everyday.  I’m now teaching him his first piece (for both hands) which is Ten Little Indians.  He’s still having a bit of difficulty with the fingering, but I’m sure that with continued practice, he’ll get it in no time.  It was just so great of Ruther to get that piano for Nikki.  Now Ruther is thinking of getting a drum set for Ethan!  🙂  (Of course, I won’t say no.)


Now that I’ve been keeping the Nintendo DS from the boys during the day, they are spending more time reading, watching learning videos and playing with their educational software.  Even Ethan is starting to find ways of keeping busy.  It’s nice to see them be creative in beating boredom.  And it’s great that they don’t whine or complain or have a tantrum when they ask for their Nintendo and I simply say, “Not today” or “Not now”.   Ethan has always been a high-maintenance kid but sometimes, I am amazed at how he listens to me when I think that he’s going to put up a fuss.  He has started to enjoy playing with the DS and sometimes he can be persistent in wanting to play with it but when I keep the Nintendo and say, “No game today, baby”, he just let’s it go and I would feel so proud.  Who said Ethan was a difficult child?  Of course, it’s not always like that all the time.  Sometimes he protests and sometimes he insists but that’s okay.  What’s important is that he trusts me and my judgment and he finds ways in keeping himself entertained. And for me, that’s always good.


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