Posted by: katlea611 | August 11, 2008

Parts of a Feather

We were on our way home from the supermarket this morning when we found a feather on the sidewalk.  We decided to bring it home and Ethan had a fun time throwing it into the air and watching it fall to the ground.  Then, I suddenly thought, why not find out the parts of a feather?  It would be great for Nikki to know.  So we researched about it and this is what we found:

We actually found a grey feather which I suspect belonged to a pigeon but at least Nikki got to know what the parts were.  Later, we’re doing to tape the feather onto a cardboard paper and I’m going to let Nikki label it.  Then we’re going to tack it on the wall. This way, he won’t easily forget this lesson.  🙂


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