Posted by: katlea611 | June 30, 2008

Worksheets for Ethan

A few weeks ago Nikki and I were doing some lessons and Ethan was close by. Suddenly, he (Ethan) wanted to do some worksheets as well. This was a complete surprise for me because Ethan is not the homework-type of student. But I obliged him and gave him some simple ABC follow-the-broken-lines sheets and he used a crayon to write the alphabet. I was so ecstatic I took photos of him. It was his first time to do worksheets and I was happy. Of course, he would doodle and draw on his chalkboard, small notebooks and write-and-wipe books but worksheets were never interesting for him. So that day, I just praised his work no matter how crooked his lines may have been. He was actually happy with the activity. I never force him to do worksheets. I encourage, but I never force him. And I’m glad that he gave it a try. It was already an accomplishment and I hope that later on, he will want to do more worksheets. It’s never easy to homeschool Ethan. He needs creative learning all the time and admittedly, I sometimes run out of ideas. But I believe and respect my boy’s learning style so I’ll just do what I can to expose him to learning materials to further his education. 😀


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