Posted by: katlea611 | May 20, 2008

Studying the Weather

The other day, we were outside for our lessons.  It was such a perfect day to study the weather because the day was cloudy, sunny and windy.  So, using a book I recently got for Nikki at Booksale, we did all sorts of experiments and observations.  We studied the shadows of the things around.  There was a part in the book with the following questions:  Do you see your shadow on a sunny day?  Do you see your shadow on a cloudy day? And since it was a sunny AND cloudy day, Nikki didn’t have to guess the answer.  At one time, the sun was out and he saw the shadow of the tree perfectly.  When the sun disappeared behind a cloud, the shadow disappeared.  So he was sure of his answer when he said, “No”.  And I was happy about that because he didn’t have to guess at all.  We also studied the clouds and cloud formations, even the movement of the clouds.  More questions came up: Is the cloud moving quickly or slowly?  What is making the cloud move? At first, Nikki didn’t know what to answer (he always wants to answer correctly or not answer at all).  And I prompted him, “Is it the sun? Does the sun make the cloud move?”  And he said, “No, it’s the wind.”  Smart boy.  We also studied the wind and we used a wind snake and bubbles and a piece of cloth tied to a stick to gauge the wind force and wind direction.  They had lots of fun.  Even Ethan joined us in our little experiments.  One experiment needed Nikki to wet his finger and hold it up to the wind. A question: What does your finger feel? Nikki replied, “Cool”.  It was nice to see that he was so interested in the lesson.  Anyway, we answered other questions in the book and did the other experiments except of course the one in snowy weather.  But it’s okay.  Nikki already learned a lot that time.  And remember I said it was a perfect day to study the weather?  Well it was because a few hours after our lesson, it rained.  So the boys went out to play in the rain and the puddles.  Really a great day to study the weather.  🙂


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