Posted by: katlea611 | May 9, 2008

Been A While

Yeah, I am quite aware that it has been a while since I last posted here.  Considering my busy schedule, the internet problems, visit from my mom and dad, missing maid (actually she went home to the province to attend their fiesta) I suppose I just could not find a sufficient time to sit in front of the computer, gather my thoughts and write about our homeschooling activities and what-nots.

Truth be told, we haven’t been doing worksheets for a while now.  It kinda scares me (feels like I’m being totally irresponsible) but I try to let the boys engage in fun activities while I do chores or study or research.  They find time to play in the garage, read books, play with flour (their latest fun thing to do –  not mine because I have to do most of the cleaning up after), study on the computer with their Blue’s Clues software (Ethan loves this) and of course, to spend time with their grandparents.  It’s been quite busy and when I think of not having enough time to let Nikki answer worksheets, I get a little panicky.  But then, I try to breathe and tell myself that it’s not like he’s not learning something everyday.  So I take a step back and try to be less controlling.

Anyway, I must say that despite having a pretty lax schedule, Nikki is doing well in learning some songs on his piano book.  At first, he would follow the numbering and I would sing along.  I think he enjoyed it so much because after that, he would keep on practicing without any prompting from me.  Now, he could play the songs without looking at the notes anymore.  I’m thinking of letting him have some piano lessons later on.

Ethan is also doing quite well.  He could now read a bit.  He could read “fox” and “go” and “boy” and “sun” and “cow”.  He actually surprised me when he read “fox” when he saw the 20th Century Fox logo at the beginning of a movie.  I was really astounded and pleased.  He learned to read on his own.  I didn’t teach him this consonant-vowel-consonant reading but I think the Blue’s Clues software helped.  He’s really interested in these things and he really pays attention.  When I try to teach him on the other hand, it’s like talking to a brick wall.  Or any wall for that matter.  But I’m really really glad that without much help from me, Ethan is slowly learning to read.  I’m just so proud of him.

I still don’t know when our homeschooling schedule will be more regular but I’m suspecting it won’t be anytime soon.  There’s just so many things to do at the moment but that doesn’t mean we won’t be learning and having fun, does it?  🙂


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