Posted by: katlea611 | April 18, 2008

Some Updates

Well, we’re still trying keeping at it one day at a time. With Nikki, we try to do several worksheets a day. Not too heavy still, and I try to vary the difficulty so that he won’t be too bored or too challenged. We usually do around 8-10 pages a day. I know compared to some homeschooled kids, that’s too little, but I really don’t want Nikki to be too dependent on worksheets for lessons. We do some reading, or some physical activity too. We usually play catch or the boys ride their bicycle or play in their pool. Sometimes, Nikki would play some songs on his little piano and I am glad for that because I really don’t want to pressure him to practice. The other day, while playing with some construction toys, Nikki asked me some of the meanings of the road signs. So, it led to another wonderful opportunity to teach him road signs. I think it’s great to be spontaneous in their learning. Also, Nikki has been studying some Nihongo words as I’ve previously posted. He’s become quite interested in those learning videos and I hope to find more for him. At the same time, I am glad to say that he’s also slowly becoming comfortable in reading his Tagalog books. He used to be so shy in doing new things, would be cautious and would be afraid to make mistakes or say the wrong thing. But when I urged him to read the Tagalog words in his book, he gamely did so and was not discouraged when I would correct him gently with the correct pronunciation. I know we still have a long way to go but at least I feel that this is a good start. We usually have slow days and I sometimes leave the boys to do what they please.

Ethan is still very interested in the Blue’s Kindergarten software. He loves the part about the planets and would always go back to that. I think it’s great that he’s interested in science and pays attention (even if he rarely does with me). He still loves to climb and run and would often be the first in their pool. He still loves to paint and draw and would sometimes ask me to prepare his watercolors at 10 in the evening. He also still loves cars and vehicles and loves music. We’re still not doing any formal lessons but I’m trying to be more relaxed with Ethan’s learning. True to his personality, he’s an accidental learner and can’t be forced. But so far, he’s learned from Nikki as well and even knows many Nihongo words, I’m happy to say. I try to pick specific books for him from time to time and leave them within his reach so that he would browse through them. It usually works. He also likes watching Blue’s Clues and lately, enjoys Sesame Street videos. I hope to find more software for him in the future. It’s still pretty hard trying to not let Ethan do worksheets. I always feel like there’s no way for me to really gauge our progress with his random way of learning but I suppose I will just have to respect his learning style and just trust him and my instincts.

We’re still hanging in here. Hopefully we will be able to do more activities and lessons next month. I’m sure, after I complete my course, the boys and I will be able to really focus on our homeschooling.

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