Posted by: katlea611 | March 26, 2008

Still (Re)Searching

I must admit, I didn’t have to do a lot of research for Nikki’s education.  Since he was little, we sort of just fell into our homeschooling lessons and he just very easily adapted to it.  I just bought materials, text books, software, story books, videos, educational toys and such and we just took it from there.  I would of course, research on activities for him and we would do arts and crafts or take a walk to the playground.  With Nikki, I felt that no matter what we did, he would be learning and would do the lessons and activities without much fuss.

With Ethan, it’s a whole new ballgame.   When I am at a bookstore and am looking for books for Nikki, I usually browse through the storybooks, check the pages and texts (should not be too long or Nikki would be bored) and decide if it was good or not in an instant.  For Ethan, I have to be more meticulous.  I need to make sure the book is interesting for him (he usually likes vehicles, bugs, tools, etc.), is unique (could be a pop-up or a touch and feel book) and is colorful.  When I buy materials for Ethan, I have to consider his learning style and personality.  Really, it’s quite challenging for me.

Ethan is now 4.  But he still doesn’t read.  He does know the alphabet and numbers but still can’t do regular lessons with me.  It’s just not his style.  And I really don’t want to force him with these things.  Which is why I think delayed academics (Moore formula) is really great for Ethan.  I think that for Ethan, a big factor in his learning is readiness (just as was stated in my post “Moore for Ethan”) and I want to respect that.  I really believe that children should not be pushed to learn.  Their interest will always be there and it is up to us to keep that fire going.

I also think that the unschooling method will be good for Ethan (and Nikki) too.  We’ve sort of been doing a bit of that but I concentrated more on being eclectic rather than focusing on unschooling alone.  So I have to do more research about it.  This has been occupying most of my time now but I know that all this time and preparation will pay off when I finally can teach Ethan the right and proper way.

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