Posted by: katlea611 | February 29, 2008

New Stuff – Again

The boys and I went to the mall today for grocery-shopping.  But of course, the me that I am could not resist a quick visit to the bookstore.  Fortunately, I found some great books for the boys.  For Ethan, I found this touch-and-feel book.  Since he is a sensory learner, I thought it will be nice for him and make him more interested in reading.  At the same time, the book will be easy reading for Nikki.  I also got Ethan a small book that had 5 puzzle pictures that went along with it.  He really LOVED that!  Then for Nikki, I got a Blue’s Clues book and several other small books for travel.  I find those small books very handy on the road (or in the plane).  Anyway, while I was getting the groceries, the boys had some fun in the activity center (located in the middle of the supermarket).  Again, that will be their P.E. for the day.  I also got Ethan a small Playdough bucket.  The one I picked for him was the picnic Playdough.  It’s really cute because he could make sandwiches and pretzels and fruits.  Next time, I plan to buy the other versions because I think Ethan will love them too.  🙂  Anyway, I know that many people here at home will complain again that I buy too many stuff for the boys but what they don’t realize is that I just don’t buy ANY kind of toy.  I buy something that I know will add to my boys’ development and learning.  I buy the things that I know will make them interested in learning and be fun at the same time.  As always, when I hear such things as  “The boys have too much toys” I just let it in one ear and out the other.  Besides, who else knows what my boys need the most if not me, their mother, right?


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