Posted by: katlea611 | February 27, 2008

Handy Tip

Another useful tip from HomeschoolFreeStuff. 🙂

Memorizing Made Easier (And More Fun!)

My five year old and six year old were really struggling with specific letters of the alphabet (visual identification). We had practiced every way possible to try to help them memorize. Then we came up with a neat idea!

We taped the problematic letter on the fridge, right beside the handle. Now, every time the kids wanted something from the refrigerator, they had to say the letter on the fridge, and the sound it makes.

It turned into a game of sorts, and it really worked (probably because they opened the fridge at least 15 times a day).

It made learning just a little bit more fun. You can use just about anything with this idea, like numbers, simple addition/subtraction facts, words they could be learning to read, states/provinces… the list goes on!

Think about how much learning could be taking place when everyone helps clearing the table after meals and has to put things back in the fridge!

Hope this tip helps someone out and for all you homeschooling moms and dads… YOU ARE GIVING YOUR CHILD A PRECIOUS GIFT BY HOMESCHOOLING, YOUR TIME, ATTENTION AND LOVE!

~God bless – Marie~

Editors Note: You can also place learning items at different places that kids frequent around the house! On doors (bedroom doors, bathroom doors), cabinets, etc.

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