Posted by: katlea611 | February 25, 2008

Fun Day and Family Time

The boys and I along with my sister and brother went to the mall today.  I asked my siblings if they were free today and they were, so I asked them if it was okay for all of us to spend some time together.  We decided to go to Alabang Town Center for some bonding time.  The boys of course, were excited to go out of the house.  When we got to the mall, we went to Timezone first and the boys played duckpin bowling.  They had a blast and I took photos of them playing.  After that we had lunch and the boys had their usual fried chicken.  While there, I got them some books (which I will post about later).  Then the boys played in the activity area.  There were a lot of kids there and I was worried about accidents and such but it was okay.  After their play, we bought some ice cream and then we all went home.

It was nice spending time with family.  My boys are quite close to my siblings, my sister most especially because she dotes on them.  I grew up with cousins and relatives because for a time (during my childhood), my family lived with my grandparents.  I want my boys to get to know their relatives and extended family as well.

My parents will be arriving next month and will be spending 5 days in Baguio.  We are of course, obligated to go (i.e. we cannot say no) because my parents have been missing the boys a lot.  So this will be another fun vacation to look forward to.


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