Posted by: katlea611 | February 19, 2008

New Books

The boys and I were at the mall today and we passed by National Bookstore for some art supplies. I also wanted to check some Filipino/Tagalog books for Nikki so we could read a book every night. Anyway, when I checked the storybooks, they were much too complicated for Nikki. The texts were too long and even if there were English translations, it was still too complex. I tried to look for the “easy reading” version (like one sentence per page) but I really could not find one. When I checked the textbook section, the Filipino books there were just too dull that I was so disappointed. Maybe I could check another bookstore later on. But really, I was so disappointed with the Filipino books there. Anyway, after that, I got the construction paper for my mom and on the way to the cashier, I spotted this table with books that were on sale. The 2 things I can never resist are books and a sale so I had to check it out. I saw some nice workbooks (Headstart) that were only P57 each so I got 3 for Nikki. I tried to look for some for Ethan as well but there weren’t any in the pile. I however, found this Idiot’s Guide to Crafts with Kids and I just had to get it. Why wouldn’t I, it was only P50 for goodness’ sake? Anyway, I thought that this book would be a great help in our homeschooling activities and lessons. Am already looking forward to leafing through it and picking the crafts for the boys. I think our summer will be very crafty. 😀 Anyway, after that I let the boys play in this inflatable castle for 30 minutes. At least they got their exercise for the day. Pretty tired out after that, we went grocery-shopping and then had a bite to eat. Nikki ate a hotdog and Ethan and I shared the fishballs.

It was a pretty good morning and now the boys are having their nap. Maybe later we’ll do some boardgames and music. Hopefully, I’ll have time to recharge first.

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