Posted by: katlea611 | February 16, 2008

Cutting Paper


Ethan has always been a dextrous kid.  His physical development is more advanced than Nikki’s and because he’s not very interested in workbooks and such, some people underestimate his learning a lot just because he’s active and a spontaneous learner.  Anyway, in this photo he’s cutting some colored paper.   Nikki was done making his Valentine’s cards and Ethan came up to me and said, “Ethan also!”  So I gave him his small scissors and the rest of the colored paper.  He started cutting away immediately.  He actually made a little collage using all the pieces he cut.  He really loves arts and crafts.  He does not mind messes and enjoys getting dirty.  Nikki is the opposite.  When he gets a bit of paste or glue on his finger, he runs off to the bathroom to rinse it.  I sometimes cannot believe how unique and different my boys are. Anyway, this activity was great for Ethan.  Not only did he practice cutting with the scissor, he was also able to sit still for 30 minutes!  Really great.


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