Posted by: katlea611 | February 15, 2008

Windy Day and Summer Clinic

It’s such a windy day today so the boys and I spent the morning playing with bubbles.  Not only did they have fun chasing the bubbles and running around, but they also got their exercise for today.  Also, since it was so windy, we studied wind movement.  The boys were squealing so much and having fun I was worried at first that they were disturbing the neighbors but after noticing that no one was looking out their windows or shushing us, we just went on with the bubble blowing and chasing.  I guess it was a fairly fun lesson and activity for today.  I think we’ll be doing more activities later but for now it’s been a fun start.


I’m planning on enrolling the boys in summer classes this year.  I’m thinking of swimming lessons for the first half of the summer and maybe art or music class for the next half.  I want the boys to learn how to swim because I know sports are a great way of building character, plus, the boys love the water a lot.  Then, I also want Nikki to learn maybe the piano for some musical exposure.  For Ethan, I want him to have some art lessons because he loves to draw and paint.  There are all ideas for now, of course, and I have yet to know the summer schedules so I’ll wait for that before making the final decision.


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