Posted by: katlea611 | February 12, 2008

Books We Read Today

1. Blue’s Egg Hunt (by Deborah Reber)- A Blue’s Clues book. The boys love this as well as their other Blue’s Clues books. This story talks about spring, crafts, gardening and counting eggs. Really cute and really colorful.

2. The Berenstains’ B Book (by Stanley and Janice Berenstein)- I loved this book as a child and so when I’m at the secondhand bookstore, I usually get my boys Dr. Seuss books and fortunately, I found this. This book teaches words that begin with the letter B in the most creative way.

3. Happy Transportation (Toppan’s Peewee series)- This book talks about transportation and Ethan loves this more than Nikki. Ethan loves all sorts of vehicles and I think he wants to own a motorcycle when he’s older (I’ll have to think about that first). This book is easy to read and could be wiped clean.

4. Si Pilong Patago-tago [Pilo Hides a Lot] (by Kristine Canon)- This is a Filipino book which I bought for Nikki years ago. He’s still not fluent in Tagalog but I plan to buy more Tagalog books for him so he would be exposed more. I haven’t been focusing on Filipino lessons because many people were saying that he’ll learn the language in time but I think exposing him to words and stories will help him as well. The book talks about Pilo who hides a lot from his family and startles them from his hiding places. One day at a department store, he hides in a rack of clothes. When he comes out, he could not find his mom and cries. Then his mom appears out of nowhere and tells him she was there all along and he realizes all his hiding was not funny at all and his mom shushes him. Pretty good lesson for the kids, I must say. Ethan loves to hide in those clothes racks too…

5. Magic Picture Book (Pinwheel Publishing Inc.)- This book teaches colors. It also has tabs on some pages and if you pull it, the picture drawings change and they suddenly have color on them. It looked like someone painted it! It’s magic! =D Really cute book. I love to pull the tabs myself.

6. Simple Machines: Wheels and Cranks (by David Glover)- This books talks about well, wheels and cranks! I think this is a neat introduction to the history of the wheel as well as physics. Some of the things mentioned in this book were: rollers, cart and car wheels, bicycle wheels, skateboards and rollerblades, tractor and truck wheels, and crank toys.


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