Posted by: katlea611 | February 7, 2008

Studying Temperature

The other night, I introduced Nikki to temperature and thermometers.  He already knows the medical thermometers (oral, ear, etc.) so he already has an idea.  So anyway, when we answered some pages in his workbook and came upon Measuring Temperature, we saw the glass thermometer drawings (with the red liquid inside) there.  He had to answer questions about the temperature (reading the degrees Fahrenheit) and to say if the read temperature was hot, warm, cool or cold.  We reviewed the examples given first and then discussed the answers to the worksheet.  He did fairly well although he had a difficult time reading the fives (25 degrees, 35 degrees, 65 degrees, etc.) because they were not labeled.  Since it was his first time to do this, I did not pressure him to do more.  I wanted it to be an introduction first and not overwhelm him.  Anyway, we were at the mall yesterday and one time, he told me that he wanted his jacket because he was feeling cold.  And then he added that with, “See Mommy?  It’s like in the book where the temperature goes down and it’s cold.”  I was really amazed that he remembered the lesson and understood that when the temperature is up, it’s hot and when it’s down, it’s cold.  I quickly answered him, “Yes, you’re right.”  I guess this means, we have more lessons on temperature coming up.  I’m planning to get him 2 glass thermometers to put in the room and outside so he could compare the temperatures.  We’ll see how that one goes.


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