Posted by: katlea611 | February 4, 2008

Medical Examination

Today, the boys and I went along with Ruther to a clinic for our annual physical examination.  The boys are Ruther’s dependents from the company health plan but I tagged along as a walk-in client.  Anyway, it went okay thankfully.  The boys already knew a bit about what happens in the doctor’s clinic because of the episode of Blue’s Clues where Blue went to the doctor.  Nikki was okay.  He was very calm.  He stayed very still when his x-ray was taken and did not put up a fuss when the medical technicians drew blood.  Ethan on the other hand was a bit uncooperative.  But Ethan is kind of wary and suspicious about new places. He did put up a fuss but he was less hard to handle than the last time we did this so I am glad for that.  With Ethan’s personality, a little improvement is a HUGE step.  But despite all the mild tantrums, I’m sure that he still learned a lot from this visit.  Later, Nikki and I are going to review what transpired today.  Hopefully, that will reinforce this experience.

I promise to post photos tomorrow…

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