Posted by: katlea611 | February 3, 2008

Parents As The Children’s Heroes

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Parents Should Be The Children’s Hero’s,
Not Strangers!

I am a homeschooling grandmother, (Helping mom out). My suggestion is to start early. My grandson, who just turned 3 in January, 2006, knows his ABC’s, numbers to 10 and sometimes more. He also works on the computer and is very organized with putting up his toys. By just taking the time with children at age 1 and 2 you will see what they can take in.

Also pray with them. We always pray when we get in the car, and they will remind you if you are in a hurry. Mother’s and grandmothers, this is our job, and we should not want anyone else to start it. Parents should be the children’s hero’s, not strangers. There is no right and wrong way of teaching, And there is no certain time limit that is right or wrong. 5 minutes to 15, whatever it is, it’s still learning. If you get discouraged, pray and go to Homeschoolsoup for encouragement. I have home schooled two children it wasn’t easy. But when they tell you thanks for home schooling me, when they get older that is the reward. One of my children is going to school to be a nurse. And the other one is a very hard worker at a factory.

V. Hitchye


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