Posted by: katlea611 | January 28, 2008

Medical Instruments

Ruther and I recently purchased a Blue’s Clues DVD for the boys.  An episode there, Blue Goes to The Doctor, is one of their favorites.  They really loved the story, especially the part where Blue was at the doctor’s clinic.  They have their toy doctor’s kit and whenever they watch that, they would also use their toys.  At first, I thought nothing of it; that it was just a show to keep them entertained.  But when they started calling the intruments by their appropriate names, I was surprised and delighted.  I decided to teach them all of the medical instruments and these are what they learned so far: stethoscope, tongue depressor, otoscope, sphygmomanometer (Nikki has to say this slowly), hammer, syringe, thermometer and tweezers.  I wanted to take the lesson a step further so I showed Nikki and Ethan some of the real instruments.  I have a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer here at home.  When Ethan saw the sphygmomanometer, he grabbed the bulb and went, “shhk! shhk!” imitating the sounds of the air as it fills the bag.  He was so cute!  I showed Nikki a real disposable syringe too.  I just removed the needle so he could play with it.  I once saw the 2 of them taking turns giving each other a vaccination.  Hahaha! I also showed Nikki a real thermometer and I told him it was different from his toy thermometer because the toy one was a thermometer for the ears and the real one was for the armpit.  I also told him that there were 4 ways of taking the temperature: the ear, the armpit, the butt and the mouth.  I know he will not remember all these but at least the interest is there and it’s nice giving these lessons to him.  Even Ethan chirps “Otoscope” when I ask him, “What’s this, Ethan?”  As always, I find it SO amazing that when kids are really interested in something, learning is almost instantaneous. 

Really amazing.

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