Posted by: katlea611 | January 26, 2008

House blessing and naughty kids

We did not do any lessons today because we had the house blessed.  So everyone was busy with the preparations and I just did not have time to sit and have lessons with Nikki and Ethan.  But it was not all futile.  While the day progressed, I noticed that Nikki and Ethan were with other kids and in that, I knew that they will learn to interact with them.  I was happy because Nikki and Ethan did well.  They did not fight or quarrel the kids when they played with their toys.  I was proud of them.

Also, after the celebration, I spoke to Nikki about 2 boys who were constantly misbehaving.  They would jump on the beds without permission, scream and shout, and once, while I was showering Nikki in the bathroom, they turned off the lights.  We talked about the “good thing to do” and the “bad thing to do”.  It was great. I asked Nikki, “Do you think it was a nice thing to do to turn off the bathroom light when someone is inside?”  And he said no.  I’m glad he realizes things like that.  I don’t want him emulating these kids with the misconception that what they are doing is right.  I always want to set him straight.  Already, people are saying that our boys are great in the company of people.  I must admit, they can be rumbunctious, but when I tell them to behave, they pay attention.  And I think that is very very important. 

Hopefully, all my patience and discipline will pay off in the future.  I really want my boys to grow up into good boys.  I mean, sure, they can be smart or artistic or a genius in math but if they are mean, selfish and soulless kids, then I would know I have failed them.  Character-building is my priority first and foremost.  The rest is second.  I know that some people will not agree with me but I can only bring up my boys the best way I know how.  And I know I am on the right track.



  1. hi yette, yes you’re on the right track 🙂 I definitely agree. I believe that my mission field is the heart of my children (plural na because another is already on the way). Discipline should be long-term (that which builds their character) and not short-term (that which only modifies the behavior for the time being).

    I’m sure nikki & ethan will grow up to be men of character 🙂

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