Posted by: katlea611 | January 26, 2008

Handling everyday lessons

There are days when I absolutely feel like we’re not doing anything.  During those days, I feel so frustrated and tell myself that it was another day gone to waste.  I don’t know why I feel like this sometimes.  Maybe blogging about our activities and lessons will help convince me that we do go about our days with some unexpected lesson accomplished.

I therefore promised myself that I will try my best to have some lessons and activities for the boys everyday even if it is only an hour or so.  I just want them to take in as much as they can and still enjoy it. 

Yesterday, I played some Chopin as background music while the boys played with their blocks.  It’s nice when sometimes (and unexpectedly), I hear Nikki hum some of the sonatas or well-known pieces.  It’s just great.  Nikki also got to answer some worksheets yesterday.  We try to do different subects in a day.  Nothing intensive of course.  As much as possible, we try to average 8 pages of worksheets a day, and more if Nikki is really up to it.  But I really don’t want to overdo it because Nikki gets fed up quite easily.  Ethan is as always harder to teach but the good thing about homeschooling is that Nikki teaches him what I can’t (or if Ethan refuses to listen to me, he usually does to his brother – which of course, frustrates me sometimes).  Since Ethan is a physical boy, I decided to bring them to the nearby playground.  I brought a book to read while the boys slid and played on the swings and ran around.  I think it is simply great that they enjoy the outdoors once in a while. 

Maybe I should not obsess too much about how much we’re doing everyday.  I know that we still have so much to accomplish but bottomline is, I want my boys to enjoy learning and I want to enjoy teaching them so, I guess, we should just trust each other, take it slow, and go with the flow.


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