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Grade 1 English Curriculum Guide (DepEd)

I’m sure this will be helpful especially for independent homeschoolers.  I will post subjects per grade level in the next few days.  Hopefully, this will be a great guide for all of us. 

English (Grade 1)

A. Listening comprehension

I. Listen to short stories/poems and

  1. note important details pertaining to

    a. character b. setting c. events

  2. Give the correct sequence of three events

  3. Infer the character feelings and traits

  4. Identify cause and/or effect of events

  5. Identify the speaker in the story or poem

  6. Predict possible ending of a story read

  7. Relate story events to one‟s experience

  8. Discuss, illustrate, dramatize specific events

  9. Identify the problem and solution

  10. Retell a story listened to 

II. Listen to narrative and informational text or poem and

1. Note important details

2. Give one’s reaction to an event or issues

3. Infer important details

4. Sequence events when appropriate

5. Listen and respond through discussions, illustrations, songs, dramatization and art 


B. Oral Language

I. Use/Respond appropriately to polite expressions


leave takings

expressing gratitude and apology

asking permission

offering help

II. Talk about oneself and one’s family

III. Talk about one’s personal experiences pertaining to the family, one’s pets, and personal experiences 

IV. Relate one’s activities/responsibilities at home 

V. Talk about topics of interest (likes and dislikes) 

VI. Use common expressions and polite greetings 

VII. Talk about stories heard when and where it took place: the characters and some important details of the story 

VIII. Participate in some sharing activities: News sharing, Show and tell, “I Spy” games and Recite rhymes, poem 

IX. Talk about pictures presented using appropriate local terminologies with ease and confidence 

X. Ask simple questions 

XI. Follow one-to-two step directions 

XII. Give one-to-two step directions 


C. Grammar

I. Sentences

Recognize sentences and non-sentences

Recognize simple sentences

Recognize telling and asking sentences 

II. Verbs

Recognize common action words in stories listened to 

III. Adjectives

Recognize describing words for people, objects, things and places (color, shape, size, height, weight, length, distance, etc.) 


D. Vocabulary

I. Use words that are related to self, family, school, community, and concepts such as the names for colors, shapes, and numbers 

II. Sort and Classify familiar words into basic categories (colors, shapes, foods, etc) 

III. Give the meaning of words using clues (TPR, pictures, body movements, etc.) 


E. Phonological Awareness

I. Recognize rhyming words in nursery rhymes, poems, songs heard 

II. Give the number of syllables of given words. 

III. Distinguish rhyming words from non-rhyming words 

IV. Supply rhyming words in response to spoken words 


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Finger Painting Activity

We did a finger-painting activity last week.  Ethan was in the mood for some art and when my kids are in the mood, why say no?  So I asked him if he was okay with finger painting.  He didn’t want to at first because he doesn’t like dirty hands but I told him I could provide him with paper towels and he agreed.  I got the boys a set of finger paints at Daiso and they came in 6 colors.  So we used those.

Ethan did some random painting at first and he liked it so we did other pictures.  Nikki wasn’t in the mood for art so I didn’t press him to join us.  Here are some of Ethan’s work:



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Homeschool Hiccup


There are days when my boys complain or whine or aren’t in the mood to do their lessons or workbooks.  I think that will always be part of homeschool life – the occasional complaints.  So what do I do?  I substitute lessons with activities.  This way, there’s a lot of fun involved and the boys are still learning. They can be one huge activity, or short activities in succession.

I wish we could always have and do the fun lessons.  I wish I was like those moms who could create fun and cool activities everyday, document their homeschooling lessons and keep the house clean too.  But I’m not like that. I tried to be, but it just doesn’t work.  We do our lessons in the mornings til 1130, then I cook lunch.  After lunch, we have a bit of rest (some me time for Mommy) and after the boys nap we do some activities for them to do.  Then they are free to do as they please in the evenings and before bed, we could read a story or two.  That’s it.  It’s not 100% like that everyday because we try to spice up our homeschooling so we either go on nature walks, watch the rain (like today), do an experiment or have a snack at McDonald’s.  I guess we’re just simple homeschoolers and we like to keep our schedule interesting and flexible.

Yeah, I guess complaining will always be part of our homeschooling.  But at least we get to do something about it.  In regular school, when kids are bored or not in the mood, they don’t have a choice.  They have to swallow and copy lessons or they get left behind.  They HAVE to understand the subject whether they like it or not and they have to obey the teacher, no questions asked.  I don’t want my kids to live in a box.  I want them to explore, to be curious, to ask questions, to find the wonder in the world, to travel, to experience.  And so, despite the complaints from time to time, we continue in our journey.  

For now, this is where we are and this is where we’ll be.  Sure isn’t easy but it works for us. :)

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Hope for Ethan. And my Boys.

I can’t believe my boy is 11.  Time sure flies so fast.  I would prefer my boys to stay babies forever.  If only I could.  But since that’s not possible, I just want what’s best for them.  

Parenting and teaching Ethan is a challenge.  It’s tedious and takes a lot of preparation, research and effort.  But whenever he understands a lesson, or when he answers his math drills correctly, it warms my heart.  And I feel very proud of his efforts.  When he answers from memory, it makes me hopeful.  I know he will never be the smart kid.  He still gets confused when asked “What is your name” and “How old are you” and mixes his answers up.  But despite that, Ethan is a loving, affectionate and happy kid.  Truly, all I want for my boy is to be happy.  I want him to be functional enough to survive the world.  I know he could never be a CEO or a great lawyer.  But it’s still possible for him to be Employee of the Month.  My goal with Ethan is to be able to help him grow and be a part of society.  I want him to be independent without having to worry about him and how he’ll survive.  I know, with the right tools and with the right support, all these are possible.  I know that I should be confident in him and trust that he WILL learn and will grow as God means him to be.  Am I scared?  Of course I am!  I’m a mom.  I will forever be afraid for my boys.  But I also have to learn to let them go a little at a time to prepare them for the world and for our eventual separation.  I know people say, “It’s much too early to think that way” but you never know how life is.  One day you’re here and the next gone.  And when I’m gone, which I am praying will hopefully not happen soon, I want my boys to be ready and prepared.  I want them to be able to survive and to have the necessary tools to exist in the world.  And I want them to know that no matter what they do in life, be it a successful career or as a traveling wanderer, I just want them to be happy, to live life to the fullest, and to follow their dreams. 

I love you my boys.  Always and forever.

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Ethan is 11!

Happy birthday baby! We love you!  God bless you always!



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I wrote the following post recently on account of people in my life who are not as they appear to be.  What’s worse is that they portray this really good image but under all that is this ugly hatred and prejudice against friends and even family members.  It sickens and saddens me and as much as I want to reveal who the people in my post are, I don’t think now is the best time to do so.  However, I wrote the following as I thought and felt and I hope that one day, some day, these people will realize that we are all here on earth equally and we are all loved by God and no one and I say no one, has the right to cast the first stone.

Here it is…


Hypocrisy exists in our lives whether we like it or not. Different people have different assumptions on what hypocrisy is but it is defined as “the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense”.  In other words, you show people you are good, but you are in fact, not.

What made me decide to write about hypocrisy?  Because it exists everywhere, because it affects everyone regardless of age, sex, gender or social standing, and yes, it can even affect YOU.

But being affected by hypocrisy is an entirely different thing compared to being the TARGET of the hypocrisy.  I always feel bad for those who are the targets of much criticism and don’t even know that they are being lambasted because the person talking about them say absolutely nothing to their faces.  I feel bad that certain people pray everyday, go to church, or give this loving and kind persona but can be cutthroats when talking about other people or about the things they don’t agree in the lives of those people.

For instance:  Ms. A dislikes her Cousin’s boyfriend.  Never mind if that Cousin is 45 years old, of sound mind and body, and can make decisions for herself.  Ms. A dislikes that guy and no matter what people say, he will never be good enough for her so Cousin gets talked about and Ms. A just prattles on indignantly and angrily to other people about this relationship.  BUT, was Ms. A’s relationship with her partner perfect?  Now THAT is the question.

Why are people so quick to judge others?  Why are they quick to tear down relationships and to spew harsh words when they are in fact, not perfect themselves?  I admit, I am not a religious person.  I don’t go to church but I talk to God and I pray.  And most of all, I try to be good.  I try my best to be a patient and understanding mom, a loving wife, a good person because when I stand before God and He asks me what I did with my short life, I will certainly not tell Him that I brought people down by hating them, that I went to church every Sunday but I gossiped about people, that I took Holy Communion but my tongue would say bad and negative things, that I love Him but can’t forgive those who have wronged me or those close to me because I certainly do my best not to do those things.  

Life is too short to be living in hypocrisy or even to live near it.  How can you be happy if you live with a person who appears holy on the outside but can’t resist lambasting people every chance he or she gets?  How can you be impartial when you know very well the people being talked about are sweet and kind?  How can you embrace such negativity and hate?  How can a Catholic person act so ungodly?

I pity those who find it difficult to forgive.  I pity those who prefer to dwell on anger and resentment rather than acceptance and love.  The world is already a difficult place to live in without people tearing each other apart.  When we were little we were taught the golden rule.  Do you know that?  “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”  I think it is a very smart and effective rule.  How would YOU feel if you were being told mean and nasty things behind your back?  How would YOU feel if a person who is so sweet and loving towards you bears this hatred for you, or your family or your life?  And what would YOU do if you found out about it?  

I have no doubts that some people talk about me in the negative. I’m not naive about that.  I KNOW even close friends and family would do that.  It’s just life.  Would those negative things affect me?  Sure they would. I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t.  But would it affect my life?  I will sure as hell do my best NOT to make it so.  

Like I said, life is short.  And I intend to live it happily with those who affect me positively.  I’m done with hypocrisy.  And I’m done with negativity and negative people.  This is who I am.  If you accept me, great.  If you don’t, fine.  I will not stay up late at night thinking about what I should have done to please you or to join your hypocritical bandwagon or to bash people just to make you feel good.  No way.  

So be my friend, my true friend, and accept me for who I am, flaws and all.  If you do that, I will in turn accept, trust and love you completely and honestly until the day I die.  Otherwise, f* off.

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Ethan loves to make art.  I haven’t enrolled him in formal lessons yet because 1. he can’t follow instructions that well, 2. I’m afraid he’s not mature enough to be doing serious art yet and 3.  we don’t have the extra money.  So for the meantime, we try to do simple drawings and artworks that he could enjoy and learn at the same time.  We mostly use his broken crayons, but we’ve also tried watercolors, chalk pastel and pieces of paper.  I hope that by having fun, he will continue to do and make art when he is older, and maybe, when we have the money, we could enrol him.  For now, I just want him to practice his strokes, to try different media and to enjoy doing what he loves.


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Just when school begins, the rain pours.  Weather forecasters said that the El Nino would continue for at least a month more but whatdya know, we have rainy weather.  Those poor students going to schools… I am thankful that my boys are safe and cozy at home and don’t have to worry about getting sick or missing classes.  I guess that will always be a perk for us.  No need to worry about classes getting suspended, about getting sick, about rushing to school to pick them up…  Yes, we are happy to be homeschooling cozily and safely.  So we say, let it rain.


June is such a special month for us.  We celebrate Ethan’s birthday and Ruther’s and my wedding anniversary.  It’s just a happy month for us and we hope that it WILL truly be a happy one.


Our family is planning something big in the next few months.  We’re doing something huge.  We hope that it will be a success and should it be, you’ll know what it is all about. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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