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Summer Activity #3

3. Play dress up.

My boys love to be superheroes, or video game characters, or just be silly when they dress up in costumes.  I think it’s nice that they can imagine themselves as the characters.  I sometimes find costumes in thrift shops and get them for the boys.  They are not as expensive as the ones sold in malls and it’s a good way for the boys to be creative and imaginative.  We don’t celebrate Halloween in the Philippines the way Western countries do, but that doesn’t stop us from wearing costumes and taking photos and making memories all our own. :)

Image Ethan as Captain America :)

Posted by: katlea611 | April 16, 2014

Summer Activity #2

2. Take a dip in a pool.

In our case, we simply inflated the boys’ pool, filled it with water and … well, let’s just say Enzo was a happy boy that afternoon. :)  Nikki and Ethan didn’t want to join Enzo because he was too hyper but Enzo didn’t mind.  He was happy and cool and loved to splash all over the place.  Since he had no company, we decided to let Michelangelo, our pet turtle, join him in the pool.  I don’t think Michelangelo was too happy about that. :P


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Summer Activity #1

1. Do a Jumbo Puzzle activity with your kid. :)

This puzzle has been with us since Nikki was like 5 years old, so it’s great that we didn’t have to spend for this activity. :)  I think I purchased this at National Bookstore.  Enzo was very patient during the whole process.  There were times when he didn’t want to look for the missing puzzle but just wanted me to hand the next piece to him and I did because my intention was for him to have fun.  Next time, he’ll be looking for the puzzle pieces himself. :)


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Sunday Badminton

After years of inactivity, we finally got to play badminton again yesterday.  In my desperation to lose weight for a wedding at the end of this year, I was able to finally convince Ruther to play badminton.  Yay!  

We went to a nearby court and it was great that there were only a few players.  I hate crowded courts.  It’s just too noisy and bothersome and you always have to watch your stuff.  So yeah, yesterday was great!

We brought Ethan along for some one-on-one bonding and of course, Enzo came along too.  We warmed up first and I was surprised to see Ethan really have a go at it.  He wasn’t whiny and didn’t get frustrated when he couldn’t hit the shuttlecock or missed a shot.  He was very patient and determined.  I loved his attitude.  So I would give him tips here and there and he would be so happy when he would finally be able to hit the shuttlecock back and forth.  Since he seemed to enjoy it so much, I’m now thinking of making this his sport.  We’ll have to get him the proper shoes first (we’ll do that this Wednesday) since he was wearing his Converse when we played yesterday.  Sooo excited to be playing with my boy.  We’re thinking of playing again on Wednesday with some of Ruther’s friends since they’ll only be working half-day then.  Still making plans but if it does push through, we’ll definitely be bringing the boys.  

Am hoping that this is the sport for Ethan.  Keeping my fingers crossed…

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Rio 2

Wednesday was a holiday so we decided to spend it watching Rio 2 as a family.  The boys were quite excited about it, having loved the first one.  We watched the first show, which was a good idea because other families had the same idea.  It was a fun movie.  Frankly, there were too many elements to it which made it a tad confusing at times but you just had to flow with it. Of course, the kids just wanted to see the animals and to enjoy the music.  The movie was too “busy” if you know what I mean.  There was the story of Blue and his family, of Jewel and her family, jungle life vs. city life, Tulio and Linda’s story, the illegal loggers’ story, the blue macaws vs the other birds, Blue vs. Roberto… It was just really a mix of everything. Can’t say if I really LOVED it. I enjoyed it, though. The best part was that we got to watch and bond over the movie.  We left the movie theatre feeling happy and I guess that’s all that matters. 

Nikki has already checked out the Rio 2 website (as he always does after he watches a movie) and read all about it.  Here’s the link.  Info overload but really fun!


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April = Summer

Is it April already?  Wow.  The days just fly by when it’s summer.  

We’re still trying to catch up with the workbooks but I want my boys to take their time. I don’t want them to stress about lessons anymore. I want them to go back to having fun.  I’m reconsidering enrolling them with a homeschool provider and going independent completely.  It’s not that we’re trying to be as laidback as possible.  It’s just that sometimes, the boys get so bored with having to do workbooks all the time.  I’m still considering this though so we’ll see…


So the boys will have an interesting summer, aside from enrolling them with the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew, we’re going to have summer activities right here at home.  I mean, enrolling them in art class and crafts class and music class is well and good but at the end of the day, it’s what they learn that matters and if it doesn’t need expertise (like sports), then we might as well have our own summer class here at home.

So yes, we are going to have summer activities and it could be a craft activity, a science experiment, an artwork, anything at all! We’re going to call it “30 activities for summer” because well, we really can’t have an everyday activity with our schedule!! So excited! So much planning to do and it’s already the second week of April!!  We have actually started and the boys enjoyed the activities.  Here’s one:

3D art

ImageImage Cool, right? Very easy to make, no mess and fun! 


Will be posting the list of the activities (and photos) soon… :)

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McDo Kiddie Crew Photos

So, it was a wonderful week for Nikki.  Not only did he enjoy the workshop, he made a good friend.  And that is simply priceless.  Here are some photos from 5-day workshop held at McDo Sucat-Palanyag:


ImageImageImage So proud of my boy!  Ethan is next! So excited! :D

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What do I do?

I’ve been feeling very conflicted these past days.  In case you didn’t know, schools in the Philippines end their year at this time.  We start classes in June, and end in March.  My quandary?  Should I or should I not enrol Nikki in regular school already?  Last schoolyear, he continued with his homeschooling.  Yes, he learned a lot, and yes, he enjoyed the flexible schedule.  But is what I’m giving him really enough?  I want him to go out and not be shy.  I want him to go to and from school independently so he’ll have more self-confidence.  I want him to speak Tagalog without fear of ridicule or criticism.  I want him to do things that regular kids experience when they go to school.  I know… I want him to have the best of both worlds:  the freedom to learn what he wants at his own pace when he’s homeschooling and to be a part of regular school activities (Linggo ng Wika, Nutrition Month, etc) when he’s in regular school.  My question: How do I let him experience both worlds? 

Currently, Nikki is already enrolled in with a school that allows homeschooling. He’ll be in 6th grade next year.  How will he feel if at the end of the school year he won’t be on a stage, he won’t be receiving a medal or award?  Will he hate me for that?  Of course, he tells me now that he doesn’t mind those and that he enjoys his homeschooling lessons but do I trust him?  Do i believe what he tells me?  How will he feel years from now when he’s older and he doesn’t have a set of friends that he can truly call his own?  Will he still think that homeschooling was the best option for him?  


I just feel as though there are ropes pulling me in every direction.  I consult with Nikki, of course, but when I see him with other kids, I see his shyness disappear and he laughs with them and chats them up and I see a totally new side to him.  I think, if I put him in regular school, will this new fire die with loads of subject matter and routinary lessons?  I just feel so helpless.

Since Nikki is already enrolled for the next schoolyear, he’ll surely be a student there and will be going the curriculum for the year.  I just don’t know how to supplement that in other areas of his development.

Here are my (sort of) solutions:  

1. Let Nikki try public school.  I don’t mean any public school but preferably a good one where we won’t have to worry about safety and lack of interaction.

2. Enrol him in a nearby traditional school.  This would be okay I suppose but we’d be spending again for tuition which I think will be pretty hard for us. 

3. Enrol Nikki in other activities where he could meet other kids and experience other things that would not limit him to our homeschooling corners.


So far, this is all I’ve got. Still racking my brains on other options but I suppose my main drive is to simply get him out of the house more.  So, I really hope I will have a moment of clarity one of these days and find the answer somewhere…

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